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I live in Rhode Island, 5 miles away from the Massachusetts border

. According to unconstitutional Mass gun legislation, I would be facing life in prison for the property that I own. The exact same property that our founding fathers wanted us to have to avoid this exact sort of dictation. 5 miles separates me from a life in prison and simply living my normal every day life. 

What do these laws accomplish, other than making law abiding citizens criminals arbitrarily? 

Let's go over the numbers, shall we?

- Over 97% of gun homicides in America are from handguns. 

- Of the less than 3% of rifle homicides, less than a third of that is from so called "assault weapons". So less than 1% of all homicides are committed with "assault weapons". 

- Legal gun owners have committed less crime than ANY other key demographic in the whole country with 99% having no criminal history whatsoever. 

So what does an actual "assault weapons" ban accomplish? 

- It tyrannically makes the most law abiding citizens in our country criminals, overnight. 

- It allows the state to have people (the cops) come to a more law abiding citizens' home, since cops commit significantly more crime than the people they're enforcing unjust laws on, to enforce unconstitutional laws on them. 

- It also allows the state to have cops come take their weapons, while the cops are carrying and using the same weapons they are entrusted to take from the people. 

- The ban doesn't keep guns out of actual criminals hands because, guess what?, criminals don't follow the laws in the first place. 

I'm not a criminal. People who know me will tell you that I am a good Dad, a hard worker and someone who is passionate about the wellbeing of our future generations. An "Assault weapons" ban makes me a criminal, all because some politicians, pandering to the fear of the public, want to consider me and others like me as dangerous people. 

I'm not a dangerous person to anyone, in fact, people are significantly more safe having someone like me around. I have a huge heart and care about humanity and its wellbeing, which is why I am detesting the State and questioning its motive for pushing unconstitutional dictation such as legislation like the "Assault Weapons" ban. 

*Here are some facts from the 20th century alone that cannot be ignored!!!*

- Hong Kong wishes they had guns right now to fight against a tyrannical China. Thousands are missing so far. 

- 1938 gun legislation was placed on the Jewish Germans who would have liked to have had their guns too but Hitler took them. (20 million killed)

- 1935 Mao Zedong of China established gun control too under the guise of political divisiveness. Well, it is actually propaganda that divides, which is what our nation has succumb to as of late, divide and conquer. (35 to 45 million killed)

- 1929 Russia established gun control and then rounded up and mass murdered dissidents of their political ideologies who were defenseless. (20 million killed)

- 1911 Turkey established gun control and then committed the Armenian genocide shortly after. (1.5 million killed) 

There are millions of us out there who will fight against this tyranny if provoked. The good men and women in MA lost, due to complacency no doubt, but there will come a day soon where good men and women will stand up and fight against the state and its overreach. Please don't be on the wrong side of tyranny, you are simply going to be allowing history to repeat itself.