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Our government is a representation of who we are as individuals.

 Democrats and Republicans alike, you are all silent in holding your politicians accountable for the unconstitutional wars we've been a part of for so long. We aren't nation building, we're perpetuating war by instigating further wars. This is how the Military Industrial Complex works. Without war we don't have the massive market for military technology and development. This is financial and labor capital on the economy that can be more efficiently attributed elsewhere in other open markets. The issue here is big government. As individuals, we make better decisions on our own for our own personal best interests. Government has never guided a nation to prosperity, the people have. Which is why we ARE NOT supposed to go to war without Congressional Approval. Attacking Iran is only making some war mongering billionaires wealthy where our economy has to suffer supplementing the military industry with profits from our stolen tax dollars. 

It's okay to be anti-war... so why aren't we? If our government is supposed to represent who we are as a society, what is it saying? Apparently we love being genocidal maniacs killing people arbitrarily while destabilizing their region at the same time. Trump did a good thing not attacking Iran, I just hope it stays that way.