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I don't like the churches who have those priest and for years

 and years they molested and hurt all those people and nothing was done about it just putting the priest into different churches all around the world. And anybody who abuses and hurt little little children I think of little feet and little hands .anyone who beats children should also be beat and be taught a lesson  I was taught that a man isn't a man if they have to put their hands on women.i never once ever even with an argument with a woman ever could put my hands on them. My recent ex with all that abuse that she did to me and giving me that brain injury I did tell her I wish I was women and she asked why so I could make you poop and piss yourself. It was nuts dealing with someone like that making people think you where a monster and making think I was a pedofile by me telling her a story about someone else and nobody new about me and finding out she was an obsessed stalker who thou no matter who she was around thiugh everyone was her property when I went  no contact and that Amazing therapist who and life coach who took me thru every step to healing and they new everything even when the abuse begin and it got worse last year becuase when I was healing I was threatened and bullied more and I have a brain injury and i feel so much better then I ever have before. Cut off those other narcissistic people and enablers and bullies and toxic people and enablers and flying monkey turds becuae you never deserved to be abused or mistreated and need to be around people who are healthy. Dont ever give people who abused you or mistreated any more chances if you give them another chance mark my words they will do it again  cut them all off if they are still talking and associated with those people cut them off .just like a narcissist who never apologize but wont you to apologize till god comes back on earth. You will hear a narcissist say I apologize but you did that and this and that and that .or I'm sorry you feel that way that's them getting pissed you have feeling. They give you a fake apologies if someone does something wrong to you and gives you a heart felt apologize and it never happens again  they are truly sorry .narcissistic people give you apologize but their abusive behavior continues. Just like if someone disrespects you there times it's a patterns .one time is enough handle it and cut them off .people that abuse you and mistreat you dont love you. I was scapegoat and the truth tell all those kinda bad people are liars and hate truth tellers becuase their lives are fill of half truth and complete lies .being aroung healthy people that don't do that crap.im not alone I got messages from  my mom kathy and my grandma Helen and got visited by my grandpa.they still love me and are watching out for me