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(I could easily ) Work for the State or Federal Government?

(Socialism). If I worked my entire life making spots. I'd know how to make good spots. 
I (work) today helping others. I get paid with a smile and conversation.  I wake up at 4:30 am each day with 169 homeless people all in need. It is so much more important for me. When they crash this oppressive system! What will you have? I will have a very large community that already knows how to survive without! (Imagine) 
 I have owned a profitable Corporation. I have owned homes, boats, coats and many totes!! Lived on the bay sailing all day. I know what capitalism is and what it gives!!  I see millions of children who can't pay the bills!! This Countries in debt. did you forget Corporations don't lose and taxpayers don't chose. Bailout of trillions a chosen few while they take your homes and freedom they do!! 
I am not married. I do not live or receive a dime from taxpayers. No healthcare no welfare not even a phone. I have lived with the poor for years can't ignore and a DOLLAR A DAY IS ONE BIG SCORE!!