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The end of antibiotics

# The story of antibiotics.

The truth is one of the most important discoveries of medicines in 100 years Elly Vatto all natural medicines, but doctors, but Elly Maarfoush Elly Ray Jai curses and mistake in medicinal plants as if an enemy Les Meerfish that this medicine originally stolen from a medicinal plant and I will explain this successively one and one in Postati.

Today we will talk to you about a natural antibiotic discovered in which he received the Nobel Prize for his discovery.

Huh penicillin.

Penicillin is simply a type of natural fungus belonging to the bread mold fungus.

The time of the Pharaohs either Kano Bacon they have a wound Kano Btahno living infected with the mold and bread spreading on the wound means the discovery of this old and I am here to discover and not invention because the difference between the two words.

Penicillin comes from a natural mushroom.

Cordyceps fungus for the treatment of ED and myocardial dysfunction and estrogen control in women and men.

Mycic mushroom tonic ovulation tonic.

3 - Mushroom feather Professor of allergy, sleep and tension.

4 - Agarix mushroom for very strong bone and steel iron uniform.

5- Mushtik liver and arteries added fat and wax.

6- Mushroom lionsmen have very strong nerves without numbness or burning sensation.

Red ferment yeast mushrooms for blood free of harmful fats.

8 - Silver Air mushroom for silky soft hair and soft skin in children.

9- Turkish mushroom Teal for very strong immunity and body free of harmful estrogens.

10 - Chaja mushrooms for a body free of psoriasis.

So we have unusual results for a small reason. We all know the effectiveness of penicillin. We use our cousins ​​and uncles.