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Thermos and sugar Beware

The Story of Thermos and Sugar Beware

Lupine is one of the beautiful plants rich in protein, carbohydrates, fats and the truth.

What is not good that some people began to be described to diabetics do not know why it is very rich in carbohydrates and protein thermos dry and landed under the word dry dead line as a medicine for the treatment of sugar, thinking that it is healing and medicine for sugar out of thermos over Bmarmarh thermos will fight the sweetness of sugar, heal the patient, God willing, and of course Da ignorance And great ignorance and the disaster violin Les?

Thermos you have an active substance called Lipolin, a toxic substance Jaddaaaaaaaa but a great advantage that it dissolves in water means if you soaked lupine in the water bitterness or toxic Bddob in the water and you throw the water de Mabtsherbash and enjoy the wonderful plant de without problems, but your consumption thermos dry as a treatment for sugar and no Da Hubble disease remains attended Shroud and die his death Htnshv before Matmut Bk Henshv eyes will expand your heart Hijri Polk Haigf.

12 tablets lupine dry enough to kill a small child.

2009 Studies have been published on a large number of patients who were poisoned by the use of dried lupine as an alternative to wheat.

Please use any recipe herbs from the extent of Mulush relationship with medicinal plants and God Hodic in shrewd health of your honesty and you as a patient thought that it is a regular thermos means something safe when it poison Zaaf.

Please Sher and knew others saved a possible sugar patient has a child with sugar and his family Miarfoush that he is a toxic killer.

You are healthy ❤️