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Dear love

In Egypt in the supernatural food is known about the need and the word supernatural food means eating Les Fayed terrible p health, even if I walked regularly I deal with certain diseases, such as spinach for anemia and gum Arab kidney and artichoke for the liver and so on.

Since we wont be with you we analyze the medicinal plant from beginning to end and because we understand people means any medicinal plants we begin by the name of the love of dear gentleman love named after the love of dear Egypt, our Lord Joseph Les is known in the impact that Joseph was one of the centenarians.

Look love Aziz Abu taste Jabbar de da I love love Huh really love important love Aziz very very rich need her name resistant starch Faker Post oats and we explained that this starch resistant This is not eat you you eat friends colon beneficial bacteria means prefer eating with yogurt or any eating Fermented uniforms or fissures.

Abu taste beautiful Deh put him in your horn need Kada Karva taste of coconut on almonds.

Mlyn with all the bounties of our Lord of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese from the other mobile mine and a box where Centrum vitamins C and E means who eats regularly regular blood vessels will always be healthy.

This invention is possible to make a plant milk to me have allergies to dairy and violin flour to me has an allergy to wheat and in dreams wonderful all love Aziz regularly to keep Badr Munawar uniforms Prophet Joseph peace be upon him.

In America, a kilo is sold for about 1,000 pounds in Egypt

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