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The art of writing is one of the literary arts through which the writer uses his own language to form texts that contain a specific idea. The literary text may take many different forms depending on the genre that is written about it. There are some differences in literary races between one language and another because of the difference in the vocabulary and linguistic structures between the languages ​​of the world, and the most important literary races in the Arabic language: poetry, story, residence, essay, and expression, and in this article will be And information about the expression in the Arabic language. Expression in Arabic The concept of expression in language refers to the disclosure of what is in the human soul, and the method of expression may differ by the means used by the human in this, it may be verbal by the pronunciation of specific words to indicate a certain meaning, or through written expression, Written words are used to convey the idea to the reader, and there are a set of steps that are followed to write the expression in Arabic, and the author of the subject of expression in Arabic uses a set of methods and linguistic rules in order to accomplish this readable content.They are the means of measurement that express the writer's ownership of the language, the ability to weave literary text clearly to the reader away from entering the complexities or incomprehensible terminology, and the manner in which the subject of the expression subject varies depending on the nature of the subject itself, and is assisted by the general information and personal experiences In increasing the power of the written topic. Elements of the subject of expression The subject of expression in the Arabic language consists of a set of elements that must be in order to complete the elements of the subject and express it comprehensively, and these elements are general and flexible, in the sense that the content of these elements may change from one writer to another within the same subject, and these elements Introduction: It is a prelude that precedes talk about the main subject in which the subject is written. The language in which the introduction is written is generally general and does not include the exact details. Hustle Guardian before entering into the details, usually the subject of the introduction of expression of one paragraph is made. Body of the subject: This paragraph or paragraphs that talk about the main axis in the subject of expression in the Arabic language, where details are entered, and the elements that make up it, so that the reader of the subject of the expression is provided with basic information on the subject. Conclusion: The conclusion comes at the end of the topic expression in the form of a summary of all the content in the topic, as well as some tips and future ideas that may be taken