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U.K. Financial Services Industry Has Done All It Can: TheCityUK’s CEO

But there is no extension that's what the government in the UK says will be the position let's also shall we make the assumption that there is no deal by the end of the same December because there's a lot going on what situation with the financial services industry in the UK be in then Everything that it can do it's work with regulator this work with governments and authorities to make sure that it is as best prepared as it can be to make sure that it continues to serve customers and clients whatever the outcome obviously if there is an arrangement between the UK and we do end up in a situation that was set out in the political declaration and clearly that is a better outcome from everybody's perspective but you're pretty much from you know the 23rd of June 2016 working back from what was originally the the date that we were going to leave the EU and then the date that was set for the end of the transition period to make sure that as much as possible in respect of the of the outcome of those talks and negotiations it is able to continue to play I mean Coronavirus don't you push the government to let you have some kind of extension on brexit I mean it is difficult for businesses to think about dealing with both of those things at once it's not just business but having to deal with brexit and the coronavirus and all the other economic factors that were going through but clearly there is a bandwidth issue on both the European side and the UK cycle when it comes to when it comes to go see ations and broader context of their taking place in however as I said ultimately we had to make sure we can't find ourselves dependent on the on the political situation situation never taken it as an absolute certainty that there will be at the end of this well-run company will make sure that it has all this contingency plans in place that hope for the best prepare for the worst and that's very much what I want to do this process and I say it would be far better faster simpler far easier for everybody perspective if we do get to a place that looks like the political declaration that was originally negotiated in good faith on both sides in terms of wanting to have a deal at the end of this but we can't assume that and that's never been the basis that operated on