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New York Fashion Week: Tom Ford's fashion revolution

So come back to New York in 2010 you had a seminal walking back to womenswear fashion show here in this store legendary bear you back why my back one doing something new this season which is that you will be able to buy the clothes as they come down the runway and New York Fashion Week seemed like the right place to do that so do you think this is the way that fashion is moving immediate Direct I think so I just know that I'm having a lot of fun with it is that born from a customer who just so desperate to have the things right now so definitely I mean I think the words long lead or no longer really particularly meaningful in our culture everyone wants everything right now or you want to really yes and you wanted me to let me know when you can buy something online and have it delivered the same day date your house and lots of kisses he's like you can now it seems odd that you would look at clothes online and they would be everyone you can have them for 5 months and also by then you know you've seen the photographs printed a few fresh I don't know if it works you mention the movie two days ago you're in Venice from Majorca be going to Terrano the film is called nocturnal animals why is that out now what does it take 7 years 200 stores expanded my business had a child is now for I wanted to release in the first few years and hopefully many more years with him but really the first few years really concentrating on Jack our sun and it was so took me quite a while to find a project that I was passionate about that said something that I felt was important and being the person who likes a certain amount of control when that I can control and on a develop myself who wrote the screenplay myself in reduced and erected took a while who is better fashion people are movie people and mind you in person so pick your words I have to say Stick stuff in that way but I think because of the pace that fashion moves I think it's very very tough industry how many hours of sleep does Tom Ford get a 94502 goodnight the