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Although Rolex offers a handful of seriously iced-up models of their own, produced in strictly limited numbers and wearing terrifying price tags, for some brand devotees that still isn’t quite exclusive enough.

Being President of the USA has always looked like a pretty lousy job to me. Sure you get to live in big house and all, but does that really compensate for all the stress? Every tiny detail of your life, and every decision you make, is endlessly scrutinized, and you live under constant attack from all sides; from political rivals to late night talk show hosts, it seems like the whole world is queuing up to take pot-shots at you. And then, of course, there are the crazies who take literal pot-shots.

No, leader of the free world is not the gig for me, you’ll be dismayed to hear.
Maybe back in the day it was a more tempting proposition. Before 1966, sitting Presidents were free to accept whatever gifts came their way. The world’s finest luxury brands would be desperate to get their products to the White House to receive the official seal of approval—there were few better ways to elevate their status in front of the general public. But the Foreign Gifts and Declarations Act put a stop to that, and now anything worth more than $375 is either given away or else stored in the National Archives. The President is given the opportunity to look at what he would have received before it gets spirited away (gee, thanks!)

That measly spending limit obviously rules out receiving high end watches, but that hasn’t stopped several incumbents from wearing some fascinating timepieces. And as you would expect, Rolex features heavily on the wrists of a number of commanders-in-chief.
Below, we take a look at the history of U.S. Presidents and the world’s leading watchmaker.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Rolex wrote the book on marketing. From their earliest days, they recognized the value of aligning their watches with the most important and influential figures of the time.
It started with Mercedes Gleitze and her English Channel swim and is still going strong today, with the numerous brand Ambassadors.
In 1950, the 150,000th model rolled off the Rolex production line, and to commemorate the achievement it was sent to Eisenhower, at that time the NATO Commander in Chief of Europe.
It was a similar situation with their 100,000th piece, which they had gifted to Winston Churchill a few years previously.
Both men received a Datejust; Churchill’s in rose gold and Eisenhower’s in 18k yellow. On the case back of the general’s watch were engraved five stars to denote his military rank, along with his initials and the date—DDE 12-19-1950.
When he took up residence in the White House in 1953, he became the first U.S. President to own a Rolex, and it led to a certain amount of confusion. Appearing on the cover of LIFEmagazine, the watch received a great deal of attention. ‘The President’s Rolex’ became a term bandied around, and ‘The ‘President later became the nickname for the Day-Date model. Over the years, the lines have blurred and Eisenhower has become closely associated with the Day-Date, even though he never wore one.

John F. Kennedy

Taking the prize as the President who owned his Rolex for the briefest amount of time, JFK’s Day-Date was given to him in 1962 when he had barely had time to settle in to the job.
Unlike post-1966, there was no problem with him accepting the watch as a gift; the drawback was all down to just who gave it to him.
Kennedy received the yellow gold piece on May 29th, his 45thbirthday, and on the back an inscription read ‘JACK, with love as always, from MARILYN’.
The Marilyn in question is, of course, Marilyn Monroe, the legendary movie star and Kennedy’s alleged mistress.
As the story goes, Monroe sent the watch to the President’s assistant to give to him. Terrified of the scandal, Kennedy apparently took one look at it and told his aide, Kenneth O’Donnell, to ‘Get rid of it!’
Get rid of it he did, but the watch resurfaced again in 2005 when it sold at auction for $120,000.

Lyndon B. Johnson

Following JFK’s untimely demise, next to take up residence was Johnson and he became the first to wear, if not the first to own (however fleetingly), the Rolex Day-Date.
Photographed with it often, it was LBJ who earned the watch its ‘President’ label, and he wore it on its specially created three-link band which, just to further muddy the waters, is officially called the President bracelet!
However, as a son of the Lone Star State, Johnson also became indirectly responsible for another nickname for the yellow gold version of the model—the Texas Timex.
The 36thPresident was actually something of a watch enthusiast, and was known to give away Rolexes to various dignitaries. In his later years he was plagued by a nearly endless succession of health problems, and one of the last people to receive such a present before he died in 1973 was his cardiologist, J. Willis Hurst, who had been Johnson’s physician since he suffered a heart attack in 1955.

Reagan and the Start of the Modern Era

With the introduction of the strict new rules on the value of gifts, there have been fewer and fewer Rolex watches gracing the corridors of power.

The last one found on a serving President belonged to Reagan, who wore a steel Datejust he bought himself.
With his successors keen to portray an image of ‘all in this together’, the watches of modern day Presidents have been conspicuously unshowy. Clinton wore an actual Timex, rather than a Texan one, and turned down the free Rolex offered to him by the manufacturer.
Obama famously wore a $300 Jorge Gray 6500 presented by his secret service detail, although he has been seen sporting a Cellini model since he left office.
Hillary Clinton, during her unsuccessful campaign, was often seen wearing a Rolesor Lady-Datejust and is known to also own a 36mm Day-Date. What would have happened to those had she made it to the top job I guess we’ll never know.
And as for the Donald? Well 45 certainly doesn’t make it easy to spy what’s on his wrist. His shirts always seem to have extra long sleeves, disguising whatever’s underneath. A couple of paparazzi shots from the golf course reveal what appears to be a yellow gold Datejust or Day-Date but no one seems to be able to pinpoint that with any more detail.

But as we know, Trump certainly has a taste for the finer things in life, and golden things at that. So the President wearing a President would be very much in character.



Golf fans from around the world were glued to their TVs this last weekend to see the action unfold at Augusta National Golf Club for the 2019 edition of The Masters. And spectators were not disappointed—in what was perhaps one the most exciting golf tournament in recent history, Tiger Woods made an epic comeback to capture his fifth green jacket. The last time Tiger Woods slipped on a green jacket was back in 2005 and the last time the legendary golfer won a major tournament was in 2008 at the US Open.
Since Rolex had so many official brand ambassadors playing the Masters this year, we were also on the lookout for some awesome watches. And we’re happy to report that there were plenty around indeed. Read on to see the Rolex watches spotted The Masters 2019.

Tiger Woods Wore a Rolex Deepsea D-Blue

Along with the Butler Cabin Masters Trophy in his hands and the coveted Green Jacket worn over his red Nike mock turtleneck, it was hard not to notice his the massive stainless steel Rolex Deepsea D-Blue diving watch on Tiger Woods’ wrist. Indeed, this is the largest watch in Rolex’s catalog, complete with a blue-to-black gradient. Tiger Woods used to wear an older Deepsea edition (with a black dial) but ever since the debut of the updated Deepsea ref. 126660 at Baselworld 2018, the famous golfer has opted for the newer version.

Phil Mickelson Wore a Rolex Everose Yacht-Master 40

Rolex Yacht-Master Ref. 116655Longtime Rolex ambassador Phil “Lefty” Mickelson likes to wear his watches while playing on the course and he has quite the collection of Rolex watches. At the Masters 2019, we spotted the ultra-luxurious yet sporty Everose Yacht-Master 40 on his wrist with the black Oysterflex bracelet. A great match to Phil Mickelson’s all-black getup, the nautical watch’s water resistance surely came in handy during the bouts of rain.

Brooks Koepka Wore a Rolex Everose Sky-Dweller

Rolex Sky-Dweller Ref. 326935One of Rolex’s newer golf ambassadors, Brooks Koepka was no doubt hoping to be the one to wear the 2019 Masters Green Jacket on Sunday. Alas, it was not in the cards for the two-time US Open and one-time PGA Championship winner this year as he tied for second place at Augusta. During his second-day roundup press interview, we spotted an Everose Sky-Dweller on Brooks Koepka’s arm—the very same one he wore when he held up the Wanamaker Trophy after winning the 2018 PGA Championship.

Rickie Fowler Wore a Rolex Stainless Steel and Ceramic Daytona

Rolex Daytona Platinum Ref. 116506Rickie Fowler was one of the players (along with Brooks Koepka, Xander Schauffele, and others) waiting outside the clubhouse at Augusta National to congratulate Tiger before the 2019 champion went in to claim his jacket. After all, these young players grew up watching the 43-year-old dominate golf during his prime and although they are technically rivals, on Sunday at Augusta these pro golfers turned into Tiger Woods fans. Like Tiger Woods, Rickie Fowler is part of Rolex’s golf roster and has worn some spectacular watches over the years. For his week at the Masters, we spotted Rickie Fowler wearing his current favorite stainless steel and ceramic Daytona with a white dial.

Jason Day Wore a Rolex Stainless Steel Submariner Hulk

Jason Day had to endure some bad back issues during his time at the 2019 Masters but he still managed to tie for 5th place despite his troubles. The Australian pro and former No. #1 has typically worn a Rolex Deepsea in the past, but at the 2019 Masters we saw a gleaming steel and ceramic green Submariner on his wrist—aka the Rolex “Hulk.”

Adam Scott Wore a Vintage Rolex Submariner

Adam Scott has won The Masters in the past—it was in 2013 when the Australian native captured his green jacket. He turned pro at 20 years old and joined the Rolex golf family at 21 years old. So you can imagine the Rolex collection the 38-year-old has amassed since then. However, interestingly he was not wearing a current Rolex (as is tradition) during his press interview, but it looks like Adam Scott had on a vintage Rolex Submariner. Adam Scott is not just an official brand ambassador it seems but a true watch enthusiast—nicely done!
The Masters is the first golf major of the season and we can’t wait to see what Tiger Woods and his colleagues have in store for the rest of year. With an exhilarating start like this, it’s sure to be an exciting year for golf.