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whom it may concern)) are you saying we should increase minimum wage?

(( We should adjust for cost of living? Do you believe that will bring jobs back? More than half of the items most of us own, eat, use are produced outside of this country for far, far less than they could be produced here. The CORPORATION'S the shareholders, executive, board all look to increase PROFIT. 
Let us think you own a small businesses and are you wanting to grow this new business?? OF COURSE!! You worked hard and are willing to work harder still growing your business. Now 10 years later your business is successful and you take on a partner and have 200 employees. It cost you $4.00 in labor and materials to produce one umbrella. 
Now I live in a third world country with many starving children. We would like to make your umbrellas and can for $1.00 each free shipping with your brand name on them. Your business COULD profit greatly!! You could retire and live fabulously🤔. WHAT DO YOU DO???
(Thank You)