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President of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva ... the four-fingered shoe polisher who founded Brazil

President of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva ... the four-fingered shoe polisher who founded Brazil
Lula da Silva was the seventh child among eight children of a poor family.
His family lived in a despicable hut behind a nightclub in Brazil's worst slum, where loud music, drunken insults and disgusting odors from nightlife were unable to complete primary school because of the extreme poverty of his wretched family.
Lula began his studies at an early age, but stopped attending school at the fifth level of basic education, because of the severe suffering and poverty that surrounded his family, which forced him to work: as a survey of shoes for quite some time on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, and then a boy with a gas station, then Kharata, A car mechanic and a vegetable salesman ended up as a mining specialist after joining the Face Matra lab and taking a three-year course. At the age of 19, Lula lost his little finger in his left hand in an accident while working at a car parts factory.

His mother taught him how to walk with his head raised, and taught him to respect himself so that people respected him, and learned from them that poverty is not a defect, and that happiness is not in time or in place, but in faithfulness to work. No matter how treacherous, do not meet the offense of abuse, but met with charity. His mother was a school that teaches the morals of the village, armed with this good morals, and so admits Lula saying «My mother taught me how to walk with the head and how to respect myself so others respect me».

In 1980, during a factory strike on the outskirts of São Paulo, Brazil, and during the military's takeover of the government, he presided over a speech by industrial trade unions. In 1981, the military court sentenced him to three and a half years in prison for incitement, but was released in 1982. Lula ran for president and lost in the first three attempts. Nevertheless, he remained strong in the opposition and his Labor Party was constantly growing until he succeeded in Presidential elections in 2003 and held the presidency for two consecutive terms until the year 2011.

Lula was the first actor of Brazil 's resources and wealth, and he was entrusted to it for eight years. After the end of his presidency, "Lula" to borrow money from his friends after leaving the presidential palace months, and began looking for his predecessor, to repair his country house.

During his presidency, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva declared his country in full transparency with regard to Brazil, its plans and resources, won their trust, elevated them to the ranks of the leading countries, and succeeded in repaying the remaining debts owed to Brazil in the IMF records two years ahead of schedule In his second term, he launched programs (Accelerating Growth), defying routine obstacles to investment projects, and seeking to harmonize the public and private sectors. Partnership, and was able to More than twenty million Brazilians are pulled out of the claws of unemployment, and was one of the worst enemies of poverty. At home and abroad, booking him a prominent position among world leaders, he was among the fifty most influential in the world.

Silva cried heartily on the day he left the presidential palace. In power, even if it was necessary to amend the articles of the Constitution, Silva refused categorically, saying goodbye to him with his outstanding achievements, and a true democracy that was taken away from the grip of the unjust military ruler. Brazil became a strong democratic state after it was a weak police state. The chair is now available for every Brazilian finds He has the same ability and competence to take office through the ballot box.

One of his most famous words

"I'm leaving the presidency. But don't think you will get rid of me
Because I'll be on the streets of this country to help solve Brazil's problems