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As the saying goes you can give a man a fish everyday

he survives but teach a man how to fish and he thrives there are thousands and thousands of homeless people each one has a different story we can make a blanket statement those poor people I feel sorry for them there are some that are unable to work most of them are on the Dole I live in Florida part of the year and we have a lot of people down here they're on drugs and besides living hobo camps and I get paid roughly $1,200 a month because drug addiction or alcoholism is addiction it's an illness these people are healthy they could go to work a lot of them but they choose to do what they do all I know is everyone I know and grew up around and grew up with work for a living sometimes multiple jobs Keep Their Heads above water I pay the bills not declare bankruptcy or try to beat somebody out of it

but there are a lot of people out here that operate that use the system so it's a blanket statement when you say these poor homeless people the man started to them the corporations done it to them whoever someone's done this to them there were victims none of this is their fault this is totally wrong we all have this it's called will if I have the will to stop drinking join a if I have the will to stop using drugs join join drug counseling get cured you have two will these things it just doesn't happen people can give you a hand out everyday and help the poor you that's up to you to take the steps with some help of course but let's stop feeling sorry for everybody that doesn't want to work that wants to screw off not get any job skills in your life but it's driving a truck or whatever pulling on a wrench hammering Nails on roof whatever you have to do that's the way I feel about it plenty of people down here and throughout the country can go to work during great shape and great health but they beg for money every day I see it all over even in New York that's just one man's opinion from New York