Your excellent natural pressure and natural sugar

Medical values
In this article, we will know the numbers needed for each one to be saved as his name means preserving phone numbers and preserving the needs of many other useful not important and most useful and here Hqlk natural numbers and numbers acceptable medically to assess your general health daily: -
1. Your excellent natural pressure 120 to 80 and medically acceptable up to 140 on 90.
2- Natural sugar Saim 90 and Fater 140 and medically acceptable until Saim 139 and Fater until 179. Although it is now allowed up to 199.
3.Pulse from 60 to 90.
4. Normal breathing rate: 16 to 18 times per minute.
Natural temperature 37.
6- The number of normal sleeping hours is 7-9 hours.
7 - the number of defecation from twice a day up to three times a week.
8 - the number of times of natural urination from 4 to 7 times daily in the amount of 1.5 liters to 2 liters.
9. Number of times of intimate practice from 2 to 4 per week.
10 - Daily walking rate 30 minutes a day.
If Sher allows others information essential to your life is often any change from the values ​​you will need to see a doctor to find out if there is a health problem or not and the numbers may change slightly in some values ​​according to your situation and I will work post Tani for the most important analyzes.
You are healthy ❤️
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