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This girl suffered what she suffered in silence She bought the joy of her people suffering

This girl suffered what she suffered in silence

She bought the joy of her people suffering

Do not prolong Read it with me:

The girl says **

The disease almost ravages my body ..

Trying to eliminate my smile.

Trying to eliminate my childhood ..

I have not completed my twentieth year ..

Only this disease has preyed on my body.

The pain started with a quick tingling in my heart ..

And the pokes rolled ..

And began bouts of pain ..

I suffered silently ..

No one felt seriously ill ..

I was patient with the disease ..

Hide it from their eyes ..

I don't want to be sad ..

Nights passed and I cry and groan silently ..

With the passage of days ..

I started to feel that the disease had started to spread from my heart

For the rest of my lean body members ..

Until he reached my soles ..

Dark circles began to concentrate under my innocent eyes.

Pallor is beginning to invade the child's nativity.

I was hesitant to go to the doctor.

But I got to the case .. I can not bear the pain ..

I went and expected what I would hear ...

I had tired and boring tests.

The doctor came to me and the confusion was clear.

He asked me how old are you, baby

I replied. I will be 20 in five months

He slowed his head and silenced for a moment ..

Alan, now 20, Doctor

Ages in God's hands ..

But I feel that I will not complete it ..

The disease has taken over my body.

Petite .. since when you know about your suffering and your illness

a year ago ..

Who knows who your family is?

No one .. but my books and books ..

Just ..

Yes .. I did not tell anyone .. so as not to live with eternal sadness ..

I know ..

That my mother .. will be very sad for my part ..

I'm her only daughter ..

I have always dreamed of seeing me in my white dress.

And carry my kids on her shoulder. . And call her grandmother ..

But shehat ..

I feel my pain.

But I still accept it in the morning .. With a bright face ..

And tweak it ..

Because I don't want her to feel any change ..

I tried to tell my brother ..

But I found him busy preparing for his wedding ..

Come at night to my exhausted room ..

Sitting beside me on the bed ..

Tell me about his great love for the future wife ..

Tell me what you bought her from gifts ..

He was surprised by her one-month trip to Australia.

Tell me about his longing for today ..

Who has only five months left ...

How can I tell him sick .. It is very happy

I'd like me to kill his joy ..

As for my father .. I kept shy throughout my life ..

Even though I always peeped at him ..

I love him so much ..

I was dreaming of a dream boy like my father ..

Did you know now, Doctor, why didn't I tell them?

So as not to live sorrow ..

If I told them .. my brother wouldn't have prepared for his wedding ..

When I saw happiness radiated from the eyes of my mother and my father ..

Though 30 years have passed since their wedding ..

But love still surrounds them ..


Here you are the only one who knows my illness after God ..

So I'll leave this box with you ...

With a small will .. I hope to deliver it to my mother on the day of my death ..

Petite .. What is this .. God is capable of everything ..

Reassured my faith in God is great .. Without this faith .. I could not ..

If I be patient on this disease ..

But .. age ends and I would write words for my mother to read after my death ..

do you promise me..

Okay .. Give me the box ..

Do not forget to take medicines ..

When I order you ..

Come after two weeks .. If you feel tired, call me immediately


Bye .. Thank you, Doctor ..

I went to my house.

I took my medicine ..

And I lay on the bed to take a rest ..

The clocks passed by the clocks.

The commandment was opened ..

And read by Dr. ..

He read her and everyone cried with him ..

He read the words of that young girl.

I wrote .. to her mother .. I love you .. my mother .. you are my friend .. my sister ..

My mother .. excuse me because my illness was the only secret between us ..

But I couldn't tell you I had cancer.

I was not able to wake up with me and see my pain.

I could not kill the smiling smile

My mother .. you know I envied you for something .. I'll tell you now ..

I envy you repeatedly on my father's love for you

I did not see my life love story matched your love .. I was dreaming of a young man ..

He takes me in his arms .. and surrounds me with love 30 years and more ..

But God willing, I will not complete the twentieth year ..

My mother .. don't cry for my death ..

My beloved brother .. How much I loved you .. And I loved our adventures together ..

How happy I was when I was with you and my friends looking at you

Your admirers ..

.. I don't want you to postpone your marriage .. but I have a simple request ..

God bless you with his child .. Fattlk my name .. longing ..

My father .. my honor and pride .. my joy and pleasure ..

If you know how much I respect you .. how much love you have a heart ..

My father you are an example of a wonderful father .. I will not command you to my mother ..

Because I know the two of you are sincere love ..

Doctor .. Thank you from the bottom of my heart .. For your secret longing ..

Do not forget me of supplication.

I love you .. I wanted to see me smile at the last minute ..

But here I die ..