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Rose Water Story

Rose Water Story

For many years, a love story was linked between people and roses people loved him because of his wonderful landscape and his fragrant aroma.

Iranian roses are the number one in the world because they are unique in the cultivation of a type of roses called roses Damascene.

And we extract the pilot oil for any plant in the world and Ashan, but you know the value of the pilot oil for the plant if the kilo plant Talalna 30 ml Elly Huh almost 2 tbsp da remains a great achievement. Important in the extraction process we use steam Vtbih naturally after the condensation of the steam is Shail Bakaa air oil, regardless of the oil itself net.

Rose water The percentage of rose oil in it ranges from 10% ؜ to 50% ؜ and the bottom line because it Vaida in the oil and by the way Bechrb ordinary mesh beautification, but I hear Fawaid.

1. Effect on your brain:

Hypnotic analgesic anti-anxiety, anxiety and depression is wonderful even if smell active substances by the central nervous system by smell and answer the result of the satisfaction of the goal of this Bakhroh at home children Htahdi Htbtl hit some and you will not release your times. It smells and consumes it regularly.

2. Reduced blood pressure.

3- Antiviral.

4 - anti-bacterial pathogen-like bacteria causing stroke.

5- Anti-inflammatory, such as arthritis and back.

6 - a nice nice laxative for the intestines.

7 - prevents obesity prevents fat digestion.

8.Research of GERD.

9- A radical treatment for dry eyes.

Most of the studies that have been published on the usefulness of rose water health and Hamelco Post on Fawaida cosmetic later.

Once they were able to drink water with rosewater because they were selling it and spoon it on 5 liters of water and drink and enjoy and around the water for medicine.

Cher for others Fayed roses.

You are healthy ❤️