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Oats Void countless hear the story

Oats Void countless hear the story

Look oat kind of food grains like wheat, lentils and barley, but spread in Europe and North America because this is not famous in the Arab world unlike other grains.

The truth is huh les fayed very many scientifically proven that it lowers blood sugar and we know why and the percentage of fat and wax harmful.

Oatmeal oatmeal syrup with whole grain Mabchov Keda supermarket Lda Ashan remains easy to absorb water and be quick cooking.

And it works from every need for patients banned from wheat, such as patients with psoriasis, vitiligo or thyroid, whether the activity or deficiencies of the baked goods and biscuits.

The top 3 points of the following oats:

1- The types of starch in it.

2 - types of fibers Elly in it.

3 - active substances Elly.

1- Starch:

Starch with oatmeal 3 types of the first type and represents 7% ؜ which is digested quickly and absorbs quickly and raises glucose along.

The second type is 22% دا, which gradually raises sugar and is difficult to digest.

The following type of starch, which is resistant to digestion and not like Da Da Ashan bacteria good in the colon erosion live so please do not eat yogurt yogurt with oats and Da Shofe eyes of Americans Beckloh regularly.

So oatmeal full meal in which all kinds of sugar Elly Btitfrz sugar suddenly get you terrible symptoms Bnasabk and Menzlsh suddenly feel dizzy terrible and your soul withdrawn and Hegami you as this huh ideal for diabetics.

Also, the starch that makes you afraid of the bathroom will make it a litter block.

2- Fiber:

Whole oat grain has 11% ؜ fibers friendliness is not a small number and 80% of them الأقل p least glycan and look no matter what you say about the beta glycan and God needs references the most important point that the very immune system Bechers very good and wakes him around the enemies means if You have almonds, for example, lying with you and oats every day.

3- Active substances in which:

The most important point is the presence of an active substance called Avinathramide, which has a tremendous advantage because it prevents the inflammation of the arteries and therefore the body does not need originally to form LDL cholesterol.

I hope that you understand the profile of oats and why huh sacred in Europe and America and knew others Fwaidh and Sher good.

You stay healthy