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We have talked in the previous articles about kidney destroyers represented in dehydration and lack
 of drinking water, painkillers, medicines and excessive eating.
Today we will talk about processed meat:
Look no need in the world hurt the kidneys and look more than eating excessive red meat.
Da com and you go to answer Anchon bugs and sausage from the shit Elbetba when the grocers and Elly Petba in the streets Les?
Because of tints. Eating this to make you attractive in color and eye erosion before the digestive system Btto dyes artificial pigments on them appear in this color.
Look kidney Albelbana Btlha eye in the extraction of toxins D of your blood and put in the urine da, but it Bbhaddal liver.
Hqlk small evidence that the dyes are fatal to the kidney Radiologists Mabihknosh dye associated with some types of radiation only after the work of the kidney function of the patient to reassure that the patient does not have renal insufficiency and failure and dye syringe possible to kill the dye damage Huo amateur food dye damage.
Abstract There is no processed meat interfere with your home Tani Balash disgusting and Matiji eat Libra beware of processed meat and cheap shawarma and Hawawshi Abu 2 pounds.
Beef sandwich with 2 pounds
Sher to others and strongly prevent your love to eat meat processed
You stay healthy