The story of honey

Knowing the advantage in honey, it is the only product that Mgirish made way of manufacturing 150 million years. Bee to produce about a kilo of honey bacon from harvesting 6 million nectar of flowers. You must know that it is a full life effort for two bees. The bee king lives up to 5 years, and we explain the secret while the common people from bees from 5 to 7 weeks maximum.

Honey differs from a different type of plant according to its plant source means sunflower flowers, non-citrus, non-citrus, non-cedar tree. Mesh mountain honey nor mountain honey Sidr honey.

As a rule, all Maicon honey is dark All Maicon has a high antioxidant content All Maicon has the ability to prevent calamities, diseases and cancers higher.

Honey is a terrible tonic, so that the athletes in the marathon can drink it.

Cher to others and we are entering the schools and the disease of children Bzid teaspoon every day for the child in his mouth Higui immunity and prevent fatigue chest and tonsils and Hidalo activity throughout the school day.

You are healthy ❤️
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