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Garlic, onion and radish.

Three lethal food for Streptococcus and Staphylococcus aureus.
Garlic, onion and radish.
Any extent has a family has chronic almonds needed to know that he is exposed to other misfortunes, such as valves of the heart and kidneys and joints Mkhlesh Elkil called you either grow up.
Your son is diagnosed with microbial Mtarkenh on the penicillin alone because it is not strong uniforms Mant imagined need support food friendliest important.
Boy or girl eat and drink onions, garlic and radishes of land and sea and the atmosphere of day and night and day and night until Malmikrb Sobhi take his children and walks from your child 's body.
The second part, or the microbe, is the staphylococcus.
The microorganism, which produces enzymes with blood clots, makes a blood clot, and because the diabetics have a weak immune system, they will be exposed to me and those who do not have misfortunes in their body.
The same situation onions, garlic and radishes lethal weapons against the microbe and then I want to tell you on the point of Ajbhalk of the other who disgusts of the wind yourself because garlic and onions remain saying because garlic and onions are part of the output Btahm in the respiratory system is represented in the lung Vshan de de garlic and onion aspiration in Self means from the other you Bechm Mona sterile air even better than the ordinary air air in which the healing of all the disease Come Atfkhlk a little Atharlk your body.
Cher to others and its valley garlic and onions and radish.
You are healthy ❤️