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Our mission is to serve central banks in their pursuit of monetary and financial stability, to foster international cooperation in those areas and to act as a bank for central banks......

Established in 1930, the BIS is owned by 60 central banks, representing countries from around the world that together account for about 95% of world GDP. Its head office is in Basel, Switzerland and it has two representative offices: in Hong Kong SAR and in Mexico City.

We pursue our mission by:
fostering discussion and facilitating collaboration among central banks
supporting dialogue with other authorities that are responsible for promoting financial stability
carrying out research and policy analysis on issues of relevance for monetary and financial stability
acting as a prime counterparty for central banks in their financial transactions
serving as an agent or trustee in connection with international financial operations

As part of our work in the area of monetary and financial stability, we regularly publish related analyses and international banking and financial statistics that underpin policymaking, academic research and public debate.

With regard to our banking activities, our customers are central banks and international organisations. We do not accept deposits from, or provide financial services to, private individuals or corporate entities.

The BIS Promoting global monetary and financial stability through international cooperation

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is an international organisation that serves central banks and other financial authorities across the globe to build a greater collective understanding of the world economy, fosters international cooperation among them and supports them in the pursuit of global monetary and financial stability

ur knowledge in regulatory and supervisory issues, adding value to the discussions and cooperative efforts. Through its research, analysis and statistics, the BIS supports central bank cooperation and provides an independent voice to sound policymaking. In turn, this close interaction with policymakers informs our work and allows us to respond to their needs more effectively, in a mutually enriching dialogue that enhances the collaborative process. Economic research and analysis BIS research emphasises the links between the real economy and the financial system, global rather than country-specific aspects, and longerterm drivers of activity. It seeks to strike a balance between responsiveness to short-term, conjunctural issues and proactivity in exploring themes of strategic importance for central banks and prudential authorities. The BIS also compiles and disseminates international statistics on financial institutions and markets. Banking services We offer financial services exclusively to central banks, monetary authorities and international organisations, mainly to assist them in the management of their foreign exchange reserves. As an institution owned and governed by central banks, we are well placed to understand their primary focus on safety and liquidity, as well as their evolving need to diversify their exposures and obtain a competitive return. To meet those needs, we provide credit intermediation, gold and foreign exchange, and asset management services, while managing our own capital. An integrated risk management function ensures that financial and operational risks are properly measured and controlled.