‘A decisive moment’: Here’s what experts are saying about the EU elections............

...........Europeans showed belief in the EU project, experts claimed Monday, despite long-dominant centrist parties losing ground to euroskeptic and nationalist opponents in the EU elections.

Voters delivered a fragmented result overnight on Sunday, meaning the make-up of the EU Parliament will appear more divided over the next five years. Some nationalist and anti-EU candidates enjoyed solid gains, while Liberal and Green parties also ate into the centrist block’s stronghold.
Despite the strong showing for nationalist and far-right groups, experts told CNBC on Monday that the European Union still had significant levels of support.
“I think the voter turnout shows that people really still care about the EU and what the European Union is doing,” Anna Rosenberg, head of Europe and the U.K. at the think-tank Signum Global, told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Europe.”
“It shows a trend that, rather than weakening, it’s going to strengthen
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